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Big Cardano (ADA) deal in the works in Africa

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“The end of April saw Cardano developers Input-Output Global (IOG) announce significant partnership deals with the governments of Ethiopia and Tanzania.

But according to IOG’s Director of African Operations, John O’Connor, another significant deal is in the works. Like the Tanzania tie-up, this will likely feature cooperation between a local government and the private sector, with IOG technology bridging the partnership.

The focus of the Tanzania deal is to build scalable infrastructure in conjunction with World Mobile. The project intends to provide mobile internet access to Tanzania while also offering digital identity to form the basis for socio-economic development.

Although O’Connor is keeping quiet on the specifics of the new deal, he did let slip that it relates to payments and open finance.

An additional 1 million users coming on board the Cardano network

Earlier this month, O’Connor tweeted about bringing on board an additional 1 million users to the Cardano ecosystem.” CryptoState

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