BTC adoption: Banco Azteca wants to accept Bitcoin

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“• BTC trading may be standardized in Mexico like in El Salvador.
• BTC is trading above $46000, perpetuating a bullish streak for more than a week.

As the leading cryptocurrency in the decentralized market, BTC has seen a slight increase in its global adoption. Although most banks do not accept Bitcoin, the Banco Azteca in Mexico plans to be one of the few that would. Close to the end of June, the bank owner Ricardo Pliego said he would offer cryptos to his clients.

Many of the banking entities in the world have not adopted the trading model that crypto has since its development. However, some of these banks recognize crypto’s value as an investment and financial modeling source. In this way, the Azteca bank took a great step by promoting Bitcoin acceptance throughout the country.

Banco Azteca supports BTC trading

Mexican billionaire and businessman Ricardo Pliego have supported the cryptocurrency industry since last year. He also admitted that he has 10 percent of his capital in BTC investments. Pliego has a net worth close to $15.6 billion, so he is considered the third richest businessman in Mexico.

In the last week of June, Pliego said that he would have the first bank in the country to accept and offer cryptocurrencies. Pliego argues that Bitcoin is a new investment model and that many people should use it. With his work team, Pliego will try to promote economic freedom using the Banco Azteca.

There is still no unofficial announcement from the cryptocurrency regulators in Mexico, but they may approve Pliego’s proposal. The businessman has contributed a lot to the country, and that is why he might have a priority with his new innovative financial plans.

Pliego clarifies his attraction to cryptocurrencies

Although billionaire Ricardo Pliego supports the BTC market, he is attracted to all crypto. Pliego claims he is not a lover of altcoins like Dogecoin, which has presented incredible indices in its value. Pliego had also trended when he said investors of the meme crypto would stay poor, speculating that it has no real value.

Cryptocurrencies such as BTC have been transformed from an unrecognizable token to a novelty between 2020 and 2021. More financial companies have been included in the adoption list of cryptocurrencies to avoid fiat currency devaluation. But the NFT adoption is also increasing.

As a key piece in this entire financial ecosystem, Bitcoin has a market capitalization that exceeds 878 billion dollars. Somehow, Pliego’s announcements about the BTC adoption increased in value, making it trade over $46743 today. However, there is still no solid cryptocurrencies adoption in Mexican banks, but Pliego may announce new measures in the next few days.” Cryptopolitan

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The $600M PolyNetwork Hack: What Exactly Happened?

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“PolyNetwork was exploited in maybe the biggest hack in the short history of DeFi. Let’s have a closer look at how it actually happened, and what investors should verify before investing in DeFi projects and protocols.

PolyNetwork, an interoperability protocol enabling atomic-cross chain transactions between multiple major blockchains, was just exploited to steal $600 million worth of investor’s crypto on Polygon, Binance Smart chain, and Ethereum. “

“What Exactly Happened?

As reported by CryptoPotato earlier today, PolyNetwork announced that they had been attacked at 8:38 am EST. They immediately listed the addresses to which the anonymous hacker had transferred their funds on the ETH, BSC, and Polygon networks, and called upon miners of the affected exchanges to blacklist them.

The ETH, BSC, and Polygon addresses involved show volumes of $266.5M, $252M, and $85M worth of crypto assets, respectively.

These include WBTC, WETH, RenBTC, DAI, UNI, SHIB, and FEI. This totals to over $600M worth of crypto having been stolen, easily making this the largest DeFi hack to date.

In dollar value terms, this DeFi hack is comparable to the Mt. Gox and BitFinex exchange hacks, which resulted in $500M and $750M of stolen funds at the time of the hacks.

It was soon discovered that the hacker’s initial source of funds was Monero (XMR), a privacy-based coin, which he then converted to ETH, BNB, and MATIC in the exchange.

CEO of crypto exchange OKEx, Jay Hao, has reassured victims that he is addressing the situation:

“@OKEx  is already on the case. We’re watching the flow of coins, and will do our best to manage the situation. Our wallet team will get in touch if we need more information.”

“Analysis shows that the nature of the hack was a traditional compromising of user’s private keys, which was made easier due to Smart Contract design decisions by PolyNetwork.

An involved smart contract belonging to the company used a single keeper wallet, which allowed the hacker to sign off on a contract transferring all funds to his address, after obtaining the relevant private key, which may have been done through various methods. PolyNetwork has also not verified their smart contracts using Etherscan.” Cryptopotato

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Open Sea : Announcing our $100M raise, led by a16z

“A paradigm shift

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It’s becoming increasingly clear that blockchains represent one of the most exciting paradigm shifts in the history of technology. Just as the Internet transformed the global distribution of information, so blockchains will reimagine the global distribution of value. But the question has always been: how exactly will this happen? Just as the Internet’s killer apps (like web pages and instant messaging) were difficult to predict early on, so too the killer applications for blockchains may be yet unimagined.

At OpenSea, we believe NFTs are emerging as one of the first consumer-oriented killer applications for blockchains. NFTs are a simple primitive for digital goods (think digital art, game items, domain names, and more) with brand new properties: they’re unique, provably scarce, liquid, user-owned, and usable across multiple applications. NFTs represent the building blocks for brand new peer to peer economies, where users have greater freedom and ownership over their data, and developers can build powerful, interoperable applications to provide real economic value to users.

From information transfer to value transfer

OpenSea’s immediate mission is to build the best possible marketplace for NFTs, and today we are proud today to remain the largest and most powerful NFT marketplace. But our broader mission is to help create the systems and standards that enable the conversion of all types of digital wealth into forms that are truly ownable and freely exchangeable. In other words, OpenSea’s broader mission is to turn the internet from an information transfer machine into a value transfer machine.

To further this mission, we’re announcing our $100M raise led by a16z, with participation from Coatue, along with Michael Ovitz, Kevin Hartz, Dylan Field, Kevin Durant, Ashton Kutcher, and Tobi Lutke. A huge thank you to a fantastic group of investors.

A multi blockchain future

As NFTs enter mainstream awareness, the technology underlying them is also evolving: the last few years witnessed a Cambrian explosion of new blockchains and scaling solutions. Today we’re officially announcing cross-blockchain support, starting with a gas-free marketplace on the Polygon blockchain. Buyers no longer have to pay blockchain fees when making trades on OpenSea, and creators can fully earn their way into crypto for the first time.” Opensea

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India to use Ethereum blockchain to check diploma certificates

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“The Government of Maharashtra recently announced a partnership with Indian blockchain startup LegitDoc to implement a credentialing system powered by Ethereum to provide tamper-proof diploma certificates. “

“We have an active work order from the Government of Karnataka (Department of Information Technology and Biotechnology). We are in talks with the Government of Telangana (school education department) and the Higher & Technical education department of Maharashtra to implement LegitDoc for their student community.” Cointelegraph


Coca-Cola officially gets into NFTs for charity

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“Coca-Cola has long been known around the world for bringing people together to experience simple, shared moments that surprise and delight. The brand’s first digital collectibles—inspired by shared moments of friendship—were created in partnership with developer Tafi, the leading creator of custom 3D content for avatar and emoji systems, and Virtue, the agency by Vice, which developed the initial concept.

Auctioned as a single lot, the four-piece collection features multi-sensory NFTs housed inside a Friendship Box—itself an NFT—packaged as a loot box, a play on the popular video game feature involving sealed mystery “boxes”:

  • The Friendship Box reimagines Coca-Cola’s highly collectible 1956 retro vending machines for the metaverse. A play on the loot box, the exterior is decorated with symbols of friendship and sharing that fade upon opening to reveal the vintage vending machine as the first NFT.
  • A custom Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket Wearable—a futuristic jacket—is illuminated with effervescent fizz, purposely designed with subtle nods to Coke’s nostalgic delivery uniforms. It also will include an unlockable version that can be worn in the Decentraland 3D virtual reality platform. Inspired by metaverse trends and utility, the jacket features the Coca-Cola color palette, fusing the metallic red of the aluminium can and caramel brown of the delicious drink.
  • The Sound Visualizer captures the experience of sharing a Coca-Cola using instantly recognizable audio cues: the pop of a bottle opening, the sound of a beverage being poured over ice, the unmistakeable fizz and that first refreshing taste.
  • The Friendship Card reimagines the design of Coca-Cola’s famous friendship-inspired trading cards from the 1940s for the digital world. The cards bear the “Symbol of Friendship” moniker.” Businesswire
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