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“Blockchain platform TRON has confirmed a new partnership with, a platform that allows crypto users to spend their tokens online. The collaboration brings TRON’s native Tronix (TRX) token to the world of eCommerce, thanks to’s integrations with the likes of Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart.

Under the terms of the deal, TRX token-holders also earn a 2% discount on all items when using the asset to make purchases for the first two weeks, starting August 25.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with to allow our community to use TRX on major eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy,” said TRON founder Justin Sun. “ provides users with real-world applications for their portfolio.” 

Sun’s remarks were echoed by CEO Arbel Arif, who added, “We are so excited to give TRON holders the ability to shop with us. Getting to work with TRON was a huge goal this year as we push to collaborate with every big name in crypto.”

Taking TRX To The Next Level

Although many merchants around the world already accept TRX as a mode of payment, TRON’s partnership with brings the asset to a much wider audience, enabling holders to spend the asset on everyday items, electronics, games, and novelty pieces.

The partnership comes at an interesting time for TRON. Last month, the number of daily transactions processed on the network soared past 9 million setting a record high. The number of daily new accounts also reached an all-time high of 621,850. To date, over 2.2 billion transactions have been carried out on the network since it launched four years ago.

And TRX could soon receive another boost, with the TRON Foundation’s announcement of a $300 million ‘JustPlay’ fund to bootstrap GameFi projects over the next three years. GameFi, which combines elements of decentralized finance (defi), gaming, and NFTs, is a fast-growing sector that involves the gamification of financial mechanisms and incentivizes gamers to earn profits in crypto.

Any GameFi projects building on TRON will be a boon for TRX, which is the basic unit of account on the eponymous blockchain and thus powers all transactions and applications on the network.” Cryptodaily

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Horizon Blockchain Games raises $4.5M for Skyweaver…

“Horizon Blockchain Games is — as the name implies — a company building games on the blockchain, along with tools to help others do the same.

The company announced today that it has raised another $4.5 million, bringing its total raised to a little over $13 million.

Horizon’s first game is Skyweaver, a competitive digital trading card game that taps the blockchain to give players more realistic ownership of their virtual cards. Once earned through competition with other players, cards can be sold, traded or taken out of the system and put in storage.

As I previously wrote about Horizon here:

Horizon is working down two paths in parallel here: On one path, they’re building an Ethereum-powered platform called Arcadeum for handling in-game items — establishing who owns any specific instance of an item, and allowing that item to be verifiably traded, sold or given from player to player. Once an item is in a player’s possession, it’s theirs to use, trade or sell as they please; Horizon can’t just take it away. In time, they’ll open up this platform for other developers to build upon.

On the other path, the company is building out its own game — a digital trading card game called SkyWeaver — meant to thrive in its own right while simultaneously showcasing the platform.

“Arcadeum” mentioned above has now been rebranded as “Sequence,” an easy-to-integrate wallet system that aims to hand-wave away the complexities of the blockchain. They want to let users buy and store their digital goods on the blockchain without either the user or an app’s developer really having to think about the blockchain. Horizon co-founder Michael Sanders tells me the rebranding comes with an overall broadening of its focus; the “Arcade” in “Arcadeum” suggested it was all about gaming, whereas the aim is to help manage all kinds of digital items, from virtual gaming goods to NFT art and beyond.

The Horizon team often mentions being built to support “Web3,” a term I’ve been hearing more and more lately. In short (or, at least, as best I understand it), Web3 is a category of online-but-decentralized apps, services and games built around the blockchain (Ethereum, in this case) to give individual users more control of their data. The Ethereum foundation has a breakdown of the concept here.

A match in Skyweaver. Image Credits: Horizon Blockchain Games

Horizon originally intended to open Skyweaver up more broadly in 2020; as of this morning it’s still in private beta, with plans to open widely later this year. Sanders tells me they’ve let in over 66,000 players so far.

The company says that investors in this round (a “pre-Series A round SAFE”) include CMT Digital, The Xchange Company, BITKRAFT Ventures, Khaled Verjee and Zyshan Kaba.” TechCrunch

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Play to earn blockchain games

“Have you ever play any games in the below list? If yes, how many profit that you earned from these games?” Coin98Analytics